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    BBC School Report

    Students from Oakgrove school made the news for real today as they took part in the BBC News School Report for 18 March 2018


    Group 1. Students investigated the different ways learning can take place within a school. They visited Oakgrove Primary School as Year 5 students had recently taken part in a fun residential trip.



    Group 2. As Sport Relief is fast approaching, students investigated what charity work is taking place at Oakgrove School.

    Group 3. Students merged two topics to report on Zoe Ball’s contributions to charity, and the ongoing terrors from ISIS.



    Group 4. Students reported on the recent mass shooting that occurred at a school in Florida and investigated the impact of Donald Trump’s proposed solution.


    Group 5. After the recent death of Stephen Hawking, students were very interested in interviewing teachers to discuss the impact he had on our lives.


    Group 6. Students reported the highlights of the Caracao Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, where Arsenal were defeated 3-0 by Manchester City.