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    Latest News 2018-2019

    Autumn Term 1 Vlog

    We are delighted to publish our first Vlog of the new accademic year.  All the children have had a great start to the year and we are very proud of our Foundation and Nursery pupils who have all settled in well to their new school.

    The aim of this Vlog is to give you the opportunity to see some of the exciting things we have been up to in school over the past few weeks.

    Year 5 and 6 Basketball Festival Success

    On Wednesday 14th November we took 10 Year 5 and 6 pupils over to Radcliffe for a basketball festival. This was a well attended event and saw us with the chance to showcase our skills against many other schools. In our poll we finished in 2nd place losing just one game, and winning the other two. We then went through to the semi final where we faced Loughton School. We lost this closely fought game but made it through to the 3rd and 4th place playoff.  We finished in an amazing 4th place overall but have now made it into the shield finals which take place at the end of the month. 

    Parent Governor

    Oakgrove School is currently running an election for a Parent Governor.

    The voting link, along with the candidates personal statements, have been sent by email to all parent/carers registered with the school.

    If you have any queries about this process please do not hesitate to contact Governor Services on 01908 545300.

    Young Mathematician's Award Competition

    We were pleased to enter a team into this year’s Young Mathematician’s Award competition, run by Nrich and Explore Learning. The challenge took place at Kingston Library, where the children were given a tricky problem and an hour in which to solve it. They had to arrange dice in different formations to get particular values showing. The team worked brilliantly together and showed great perseverance with the problem. At the end of the session, they presented their thinking and workings confidently to the judges. We are delighted with our success and look forward to round two of the challenge.

    Oakgrove School, Primary Award Winners

    On Thursday 13th September, a number of pupils from Year 2 to 6 were invited to attend the annual Oakgrove School Awards Presentation evening to receive special awards from Mr Sim and Mr Tett.  Awards were given for outstanding effort, achievement and contribution in English, Maths, PE and Music for 2017-2018.  A special mention goes to Aditi who played a beautiful piece of music on her violin, to a packed theatre audience.

    Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies Performance

    We are very proud of our Key Stage 2 Primary Highlights team who worked so hard during the summer term.  As well as performing, pupils also took part in prop making, scenery design, light and sound and stage hand management and the result was two amazing performances of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies in the school theatre to family, friends and other pupils. Take a look at the clip below so see some of the highlights of the show.

    KS2 Boys Football Success 

    On Monday 1st October we took 18 boys from Key Stage 2 to Middleton Primary School to take part in a festival of football. It was a great way to start the competitive season and both of our boys football teams did fantastically well. 

    Our Year 3/4 boys team drew 1-1 and our Year 5/6 boys team secured their first ever competitive win, beating a strong Middleton team 2-0. 

    Well done boys!

    Latest News 2017-2018

    Oakgrove Primary and Nursery Summer 1 Vlog

    Please take a few minutes to view our Summer 1 Vlog.  In this issue some of the highlights of events that have happened at school include the Year 4 Caldecotte Residential visit, the ducklings in Foundation, Mr Homersley's Model Railway and Year 5 Bikeability.

    Oakgrove Primary and Nursery Spring Term Vlog

    We are delighted to be able to publish our latest school vlog to show you some of the exciting things that happened in school during the Spring Term.  Some of the highlights include our Choir performing at the Young Voices concert; an exciting hunt for the Gingerbread man; peer reading in school and some photos and video footage from a number of great trips that took place.

    Duckling Cam!

    We are very excited as the duckling eggs have arrived in Foundation.  To help keep everyone up to date with the hatching and growing process we have set up Duckling Cam to stream live video footage after school is closed.  If you would like to check in on the ducklings progress at any time please click on the link below.  We look foward to keeping you up to date with all the news from the ducklings!



    Oakgrove School v Middleton and Broughton Fields Football Matches

    On Wednesday 14th March our wonderful Year 3, 4 and 5's took on some very strong teams from Middleton and Broughton Fields. With two teams playing alongside each other, it was a thrilling festival of fun, competition and hard work.

    The Year 3/4 team unfortunately lost out 6-1 to a very strong Middleton team, whilst our Year 5's drew 2-2 with Broughton fields and lost 4-0 to Middleton. 

    We all had a wonderful evening of football and our pupils showed fantastic team spirit and sportsmanship throughout.

    World Maths Day 

    Children from Foundation to Year 5 all enjoyed participating in World Maths Day on 7th March.

    This online activity saw children playing games of mental arithmetic against children from schools all over the world. We played against competitors in Pakistan, South Africa, China and Jamaica (to name just a few).

    At Oakgrove, some highlights were children enthusiastically using addition methods that they have been learning in their classrooms; exploring the world map to find out where their challengers were; and computer club being well used to gain some extra points. Foundation children made the most of their first trip to the computer room and we were proud of Year 4 who willingly volunteered to give up playtimes to help younger children to log in and get playing quickly.

    As soon as we get our results back from the World Maths Day team, we look forward to rewarding some of our greatest mathematicians in assembly. 

    Lowther News - Friday 9th March

    Yesterday morning Year 5 did some brilliant work, setting quests, making settings and collecting our magical items for our myths. Highlights have been 'The Cave of No Return' and the rickety bridge over the 'Temple of Terror'. Thankfully, we had some lego stunt doubles to act in place of our heroes! We've also found tiny coins with massive powers and a black mask through which you can see your enemy's next tactic. 

    We're loving seeing some heroes test themselves to their limits, show patience and understanding and developing excellent story ideas. 

    It's been a bit cold, but everyone's cheerful. Perhaps our magical fireboxes are keeping us warm - and in between activities, plenty of warm drinks and snacks! 

    In the afternoon we transformed into heroes and beasts. Can you still spot who we are? It was great to be out in the sunshine hunting for companions to help us on our journeys and we all discovered the quest which our character will have to follow. Our stories are taking a clear shape as we combine all the parts together: where we had a weakness yesterday, our item can support us (if we need to be silent to pass the throne of the beast, the mask we have can capture all of our talking); where we had a strength, we can vanquish our beast. 

    Last night, we were visited by Zeus, who thoroughly enjoyed our campfire and taught us all about yellow submarines (which may help us to cross the Bay of Sparkling Diamonds). We also enjoyed some old favourites like Boogaloo and Yogi Bear. After a warm hot chocolate, everyone went to bed and had a good night's sleep. 

    Lowther News - Thursday 8th March

    Everyone had a brilliant day yesterday turning themselves into Greek heroes. We explored the site on a challenging orienteering course, thinking about how our character deals with new situations and problems. Our character strengths and weaknesses were all clear when we found we had to run right back over to the other side of the site for the next stamp (some were excited, others frustrated) or when we realised that there we had finally completed the course.

    Everyone had a try on the assault course, naming different parts of it with Greek setting names. We thought about what our hero would do when faced with Fear Mountain or Chick Cradle. When the obstacles were easy, we thought of ways to turn them into an adversity for our character by giving them a story of other heroes who had tried and failed to cross them in the past. 

    In the evening, everyone participated in a Winter Olympic games; trying out biathlon, curling, bobsleigh and even a bit of figure skating!

    We've had a good rest, a filling breakfast, and are ready to explore the problems we might face in our myths and the people and items which might help us along the way this morning. 

    There have been some real stand out achievements from some individuals that we can't wait to tell you about when we get home. As ever, we are delighted to be away with such an enthusiastic and considerate group of children.

    Year 5 Lowther Residential Visit

    We are pleased to say that our Year 5 pupils have arrived safely at Lowther and have already started to explore their new surroundings.  They are looking forward to their exciting adventures over the next few days.

    Football and Netball Sporting Fixtures

    On January 31st we held our first ever home fixtures against Longmeadow School. It was a great spectacle with almost every Year 5 pupil involved and a select few from Year 4. The Year 4/5 boys football team lost 5-2 against a very strong Year 5/6 team from Longmeadow whilst the Year 5 mixed netball team lost 10-0 against another strong Year 5/6 team. Although the results do not show the spirit and enthusiasm shown by our pupils it was a real learning curve and an enjoyable experience for all. Many thanks to those who came out and supported the teams.

    Oakgrove Primary and Nursery News Vlog

    January 2018 - Edition 2

    Below is our second edition of the Primary and Nursery News Vlog that will show you some of the great things we have been doing in school during last half term. Highlights include our School Council's first meeting of the year, a Year 1 Science lesson and highlights from the Christmas peformances across the whole school. 

    Choir at Young Voices 2018

    On Tuesday 9th January we took 30 members of our school choir to the Genting Arena in Birmingham to perform at the Young Voices concert.  They formed part of a huge choir, made up of over 6000 other children from across the country.  After an afternoon of rehearsals, they donned their Young Voices t-shirts and sang and danced their way through a 2 hour performance.  We were incredibly proud of them all and this event will be something that they will never forget.  Some of our parents were lucky enough to be at the event to watch the performance and everyone agreed that it was an amazing evening.

    Video Footage from the Foundation Nativity of Shine Start, Shine

    Christmas Performances at Oakgrove Primary and Nursery

    During the last week of the Autumn Term, every year group took part in a Christmas performance to parents.  

    Nursery parents were invited in to see the children perform songs that told the Christmas Story.  The children sang all their songs beautifully. 

    Foundation parents were treated to a very special performance of Shine Star, Shine.  

    All pupils from Foundation up to Year 5 took part in our end of term Carol Concert which we held in the secondary school theatre.  This was a wonderful event that include carols sung by each year group and Readings by some of our Year 5 pupils.

    Video Footage from the Whole School Carol Concert

    Oakgrove Primary and Nursery News Vlog

    November 2017 - Edition 1

    Below is our first ever edition of the Primary and Nursery News Vlog. Please take a few minutes to catch up on the latest news from the School and to see some of the amazing things we have been doing this term.

    School Council Attend MK Youth Remembrance Parade

    On Friday 10th November, a group of our School Council pupils were invited to take part in the Milton Keynes Youth Remembrance Parade along with hundreds of other pupils from schools in Milton Keynes.  This was an excellent opportunity for the children to explore the idea of remembrance and they were responsible and mature ambassadors for our school.

    Milton Keynes Primary Cross Country Championships

    On Saturday 4th November, 8 of our pupils competed in the Milton Keynes Primary School Cross Country Championships, at The MK Bowl.  Dispite the wet and muddy conditions they all put 100% commitment into their races and proudly represented the school.  We were delighted with all our pupils efforts with 2 exceptional achievements by Maher and Molly who both finished within the top 40 places.

    Football Success!

    Our Key Stage 2 football team played their first official match, away at Drayton Park School.  We were proud of their team spirit and determination at this event.  We were very delighted with the final result, a 5-1win for Oakgrove School.  


    Weekly Class Attendance Award

    Good attendance is key for excellent learning. Each week we celebrate class attendance with an Attendance Award that is presented at the Friday Celebration Assembly to the winning class.

    Here are the weekly winners of the class Attendance Award along with the class percentage attendance for this half term:

    Week  Winning Class % Attendance
    6/9/2018 Elm 98.6%
    13/9/2018 Linden 99.4%
    20/9/2018 Holly 98.7%
    27/9/2018 Linden 100%
    4/10/2018 Acorn 100%
    11/10/2018 Alder 99.7%
    18/10/2018 Linden  98.9%
    5/11/2018 Willow 100%
    8/11/2018 Elm & Alder 98.9%
    15/11/2018 Oak & Willow 98.3%