Secondary Frequently Asked Questions

We've received several questions from a number of parents following the publication of our re-opening document, please see below a list of these questions and our responses.

Will students be expected to stay in kit all day? This isn’t very hygienic as they’ll be sweaty/dirty.

The intention is that students will stay in PE kit all day. We will review all measures periodically including coming to school in PE kit as we ultimately want what is best for students. This is the safest way of students being able to complete PE without having to access changing rooms which the school has identified as a potential area for cross-contamination. Please see comment below re kit getting dirty.

What happens if students get their PE kit dirty?

If a student’s clothes get dirty in PE, we will either find them some spare, clean kit to change into which can then be washed at home and returned or we can call a parent to see if they can bring clean clothes.

Can students wear face coverings in between lessons?

We will review this in line with government guidance and communicate any changes well ahead of students starting or returning in September. Current guidance from the Department for Education is that face masks are not recommended to be worn within a school environment except for a small number of staff who are providing first aid, intimate care or supervising students who are symptomatic. 

Do blazers need to be washed/maintained as frequently as other uniform?

We are just recommending they are washed as often as possible and we are definitely not asking parents/carers to go and buy more - sorry if this came across this way in our plans. COVID 19 tends to die out pretty quickly on fabrics, so a wash of the blazer at the weekend should be fine.

Will students be issued new exercise books or do parents have to provide them?

As in previous years, students will be issued with new exercise books. Parents/students are not expected to buy their own.

KS4 students won’t know where their P1 lesson is on the first day - will this information be shared prior to the first day?

On the first day we will direct students to a specific area where they will be met by their tutors and taken to their tutor bases. This is the same start to the academic year that we do every September.  

Can students wear tracksuit bottoms/leggings and jumpers/hoodies on PE days, especially as the weather changes?

The uniform policy allows students to wear plain navy leggings and plain navy tracksuit bottoms for PE (some of these items may need to be purchased from Maisies). No hoodies or hooded tops are allowed. Students can wear navy base layers as well.

Remote Learning Provision

Remote Learning Provision