Year 7 – Meet the Team

Miss Kynaston

7O - Miss Kynaston

Hi 7O my name is Miss Kynaston. I teach PE and this will be my 7th year at Oakgrove! As a PE teacher I really enjoy a lot Sports and travelling. I used to live and work in America! I really hope you are looking forward to joining Oakgrove and I have a few words of advice for you. Try to take up as many opportunities at Oakgrove as you can. I look forward to meeting you all in September!


7A - Mrs Ball

Hello students of 7A,

As your form tutor at Oakgrove I am really excited to meet you all as soon as possible. Life is very strange for everybody at the moment and I imagine you are feeling excited but maybe a bit nervous too. If you are that’s normal but I will be here to help you settle in. So here is a bit of information about me before you get here:

I have been a languages teacher for many years and have worked at Oakgrove for the last eight as it’s such a great school to be part of! There is always so much going on and everyone is so friendly.

I am a mum of two teenaged children, so I know what it is like for them to be a student in secondary school, and I am always running them around to clubs and to see their friends.

In my spare time I enjoy running; I have completed a marathon and several half marathons and triathlons (though I’m not very fast). I also love cooking (and eating!) and travelling. I have been lucky enough to live in four different countries and teach in two, which have allowed me to have some amazing experiences and make fabulous friends from all over the world. Four years ago, I started to learn to play the piano and have somehow managed to get my Grades 1 and 2. I definitely believe you can do anything you set your mind to if you want to!

So now you know a bit about me, I am looking forward to welcoming you to the school and getting to know each and every one of you.

See you soon!
Take care,

Mrs. Ball


7K - Mr McShea

Hi 7K. My name is Mr McShea, just like you this is my first year at Oakgrove School and I am looking forward to meeting you all in September. I am a teacher of Geography at the school and outside of school I enjoy doing geography related activities such as hiking, camping and orienteering. I am usually joined on these adventures by my three dogs - Bruce, Harley and Jess. When I am not outside doing these things I like to be creative and build things out of Lego - in which I would describe myself as a massive fan of and at times my 'creations' may make an appearance in the classroom. Have a great summer and I will see you on our first day in September.


7G - Miss Sadler

Hi 7G! My name is Miss Sadler. I have worked at Oakgrove for over 10 years as a Science teacher. It is a fantastic place to work and students really love it here too.
I have just been off on Maternity leave and am Mum to two little ones, Olivia, who is 2 and George who was born in January. I have two dogs Hugo, a yellow labrador and Isla, a crazy spaniel. My hobbies include: Trampolining, horse riding and painting.
I can't wait to welcome you all in September and get to know you too!


7R - Miss Taylor

If you are reading this then my guess is you are lucky enough to be part of Oakgrove’s 7R form next year! Let me introduce myself, I am Miss Taylor your new form tutor. As we won’t get a chance to meet before September, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself beforehand. I teach sociology and can often be found in F block. Outside of school, I have recently taken up running but also enjoy cooking and travelling. My favourite country to visit is Italy but one day I would love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as this is at the top of my bucket list! Coffee, chocolate and the colour green are a few of my other favourite things. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all!


7V - Mr Timberlake

Welcome year 7 and in particular 7V! I have been at Oakgrove for 5 years and have been teaching for almost 20 years now, so I like to think that if you have any questions about transition and settling in, I will be able to help. I am a teacher of Geography and in particular, I love my physical Geography, especially volcanoes and earthquakes. Outside of school, I used to play football until injury forced my retirement so now I spend my free time watching my favourite team Watford FC, following them around the country home and away. Being a Geography teacher I also love walking and getting out and about the countryside. I really hope you love Oakgrove as much as I do teaching here, I look forward to seeing you all in September and cannot wait to meet you all!


7E - Miss Erasmus

Welcome to Oakgrove School and 7E! I am Miss Erasmus and I am new to Oakgrove School too! I cannot wait to start in September and to meet you all! I am so excited, and I know this is going to be a great year for all of us to grow and learn together.
I will be teaching Business Studies at Oakgrove School but before I became a teacher, I actually had my own business where I helped people live healthier more active lifestyles through exercise and healthy balanced nutrition. You will have to come and ask me what the name of my business was! When the opportunity to teach Business Studies came up, I had to take it and it has been a wonderful journey so far.
Apart from my passion for teaching, I am also very passionate about creating a safe space for all students where they will be listened to without judgment. We are going to learn so many great things this year, and I am looking forward to every minute of it!


7S - Mr Squires

Hi 7S, my name is Mr Squires and I have been teaching at Oakgrove for the last eight years. I have just looked after a form all the way from yr7 to yr11, and I’m sure that you lot will be equally as good, if not better, than my last form. I'm fortunate in that I teach Geography, a most interesting and exciting subject, so if you are unlucky you might find that you have me as your geography teacher as well. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in September.


7C - Mrs Swaminathan

Hi year 7C, my name is Mrs Swaminathan and this is my first year at Oakgrove. I am a Computing teacher and divide my time between school
and my young family. I love cooking Indian food, enjoy baking and also love sports. I was once a state level athlete and have lots of interesting
stories to share with you in the classroom. Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you in September.


7H - Mr Smith

Hi 7H, my name is Mr Smith and I have the pleasure of becoming your tutor. I will also be joining Oakgrove in September, I hope like me you’re excited to join the fantastic school and community.
I am a PE teacher so as you can imagine my hobbies are nearly all based around sport, in particular football. I’m a Queens Park Rangers fan and try to get down to Loftus Road whenever I can