Who’s Who

Primary and Nursery Leadership

Mr Sim - Headteacher

Mrs Mayglothling - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Walsh - Assistant Headteacher

Miss Tompsett - Head of Key Stage 2



Primary Teaching Staff

Mrs Winter - Nursery Teacher

Miss Garnham - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss Tipper - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss Wood - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mayglothling - Foundation Chestnuts Teacher

Mrs Adams - Foundation Chestnuts Teacher and SENCo

Miss Barton - Foundation Acorns Teacher

Mrs O'Neill - Foundation Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tracey - Foundation Teaching Assistant

Miss Draper - Year 1 Alder Teacher

Mrs Walsh - Year 1 Beech Teacher

Mrs McNally - Year 1 Beech Teacher

Miss Pink - Year 1 Teacher

Miss Cavalier - Year 2 Elm Teacher

Mrs Lucca-Morris - Year 2 Hawthorn Teacher

Mr James - Year 3 Hornbeam Teacher

Miss Lynes - Year 3 Holly Teacher

Miss Benison - Year 4 Maple Teacher

Mr Broadhurst - Year 5 Oak Teacher

Miss Boseley - Year 5 Pine Teacher

Miss Tompsett - Year 6 Willow Teacher

Mrs Purkiss - Year 6 Willow Teacher

Mr Parrella - Teacher of Sports

Miss Brassington - HLTA

Mrs Martin - HLTA

Mr Day - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Schotter - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Thorpe - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Curtis - Teaching Assistant

Primary Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Curtis - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Canavan - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Simpson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Blackwell - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Chamas - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Hill - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Simpson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Cade-Westcombe - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Zabidy - Lunchtime Supervisor

Oaks Wraparound Care Club

Mrs Tracey - Wraparound Care Lead

Miss Agyemang - Oaks Wraparound Care Assistant

Miss Asumeng - Oaks Wraparound Care Assistant

Mrs Cade-Westcombe - Oaks Wraparound Care Assistant

Mrs Curtis - Oaks Wraparound Care Assistant

Mrs Djahra - Oaks Wraparound Care Assistant

Mrs Fuller - Oaks Wraparound Care Assistant

Miss Garnham -  Oaks Wraparound Care Assistant

Primary Support Team

Mrs Hewett - Office Manager and Headteacher PA

Miss Houchin - School Administrator

Mrs Porritt - School Administrator

Mr Homersley - Site Manager