Transition refers to the moving between Key Stages in school. This is often a time of uncertainty where information is vital for making correct decisions. See the links below for the various transition points for further information.

Starting School for the first time

Starting School for the First Time - Foundation Transition

Oakgrove's extensive induction programme ensures that when a child joins the school in Foundation in September they will be familiar with the setting and the adults who will be working with them.  This programme includes:

A Stay and Play session

The child and their parent will spend part of the morning in Foundation with current Foundation pupils.

A Transition Day, including a picnic lunch

The child and their parent will have a chance to explore the Foundation environment and to meet other children and their parents, who will also be starting in September.  

A Home Visit

Before the pupil starts school in September, their class teacher and another member of the Foundation team will make a home visit.  This is an opportunity for everyone to meet to get to know each other better and a chance for the parent to ask any questions they have regarding school life. 

Staggered Start Dates

When a child starts school at Oakgrove in Foundation, they start on a full time basis.  To give all the children an opportunity to settle into their new surroundings, we put the children into small groups. This ensures that they have a chance to settle in during their first days at school.

During the summer term, children who currently attend Oakgrove Nursery will make visits to the Foundation classroom for story times and additional learning opportunities during their nursery sessions.  This will give the children a chance to learn alongside the current Foundation children and familiarise themselves with their new classroom environment.

Starting Year 7 Secondary


A Day in the Life of a New Year 7

Moving On to the Sixth Form at Oakgrove

Secondary Learning Co-ordinators (Heads of Year) & Assistants for September 2020:

Head of Year 7 - T Gordon
Assistant Head of 7 - A Groome
Head of Year 8 - C Forster
Assistant Head of Year 8 - A Liassis
Head of Year 9 - K Wastell
Assistant Head of Year 9 - M Bell
Head of Year 10 - K Cessford-Row
Assistant Head of Year 10 - S Ryder
Head of Year 11 - B Robinson
Assistant Head of Year 11 - M Yeoman
Head of Year 12 - J Kendall
Head of Year 13 - M Row