Student Information



Registration is compulsory for students and runs from 8:30am-8:40am. This is an important time to catch up with Mentors and keep up to date with notices. The only exception to this rule is if students have a Study Period during lesson 1; in this case they will attend school later, but must sign in at Reception when they arrive. Students in school from 8.30am-8.40am, must attend registration.



Planned absence (including medical appointments):

Parents/carers should supply authorisation in advance, via email, telephone, text or by providing a written note.

Unexpected absence (including illness):

Parents/carers should contact the school by phone or email on the morning of the absence and on any subsequent days.

If a student needs to go home during the school day because they start to feel unwell, then they must inform the Sixth Form Office BEFORE leaving school. The team will then inform parents/carers before allowing the student to go home.

Sixth Form absence contact details:

Phone: 01908 545305


Text: 07860 097184

Dress Code

Dress Code

Oakgrove Sixth Form students do not wear a uniform. However, students will be well presented and dress in an appropriate way. Students are required to wear their lanyards and identification at all times when in school.

Whilst there is a degree of flexibility, there are some items which will not be considered appropriate. These include: any ripped denim, sports shorts, jogging bottoms, strappy or low-cut tops, t-shirts with offensive writing/logos, over the knee boots or very short skirts/dresses/shorts. Leggings can only be worn if a long top/tunic or skirt is worn over the top of them and reaches to the mid-thigh or below. Hair colour(s) should be natural and styles should not be extreme. No hats or hoods to be worn in the building. This list is not exhaustive and individual judgements may need to be made about the dress or appearance of students, by members of the Sixth Form Team or Senior Leadership Team.

Students also agree to the following restrictions whilst in and moving around main school:

  • No mobile phones, headphones or MP3 players to be out or used in the main school. These will be subject to risk of confiscation.
  • No hot drinks


We expect sixth formers to be responsible young adults. They are required to behave in a mature and responsible manner, setting a good example to students in the younger years.



Emails need to be checked regularly for updates on Sixth Form news, opportunities and events which students may like to be involved in, as well as information on University Taster Days and Careers Fairs.

Part-time Work

Part-time Work

Oakgrove encourages students to have part time jobs, as this is a good way of developing key skills and gaining valuable work experience. However, students need to be sensible with the number of hours they choose to work. Sixth Form courses are more challenging than GCSEs and will require a lot of extra study; students need to leave themselves enough time to complete their sixth form work thoroughly, as well as finding time for their own interests. It is not recommended that students take paid employment of more than 12 hours per week. Additionally, this must not take place during school hours 8.30am to 3.00pm. Interviews should also not take place during school hours.


Access to Resources

Sixth Form Study Centre

The Sixth Form Study Centre is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Media Suite (MD1)

The Media Suite is available for students to use after school every day from 3.00pm – 4.00pm.


The library is open to Sixth Form students during the school day, as well as after school, from 3.00pm – 4.00pm. There is a dedicated Sixth Form section within the library that students can use, as well as ICT resources.

Useful Websites

Useful Websites

Contains details of all UK Higher Education Institutions and courses. The “Apply” link is the online application service. This website is a vital starting point and provides access to further information.

Careers platform

Information and advice for young people.

Information and ideas on career choices or career change.

Contains statistics of recent graduates and information on what students can achieve with their degree.

Independent guide to UK universities, student life, gap years, open days and finance.

Help and information with locating university courses.

Help in choosing next steps.

Apprenticeships on offer.

Advice on options, if students decide that university is not the place for them.

CV-Library - search for job vacancies or register, so that employers can access students’ CVs.

Help for school leavers to make decisions about their future.


Information about applying for finance. Students and parents can register interest on line and be kept up to date by email.

Information on scholarships which students may be able to apply for.

Gap Year

Details on a wide range of gap year options.

Details about a year in Industry and student placements.

Information on working, volunteering and teaching jobs abroad.

Information on working in an American summer camp.

Information on back packing, volunteering and travel mates.

Study Abroad

Information on studying abroad.

Details on studying in the USA, including SAT tests.


An e-resource, intended for Year 12-13 students, as they transition from school/college to university.

A charity promoting good mental health in young people.