Extra-Curricular/School Clubs

Extra-Curricular Activities & School Clubs

Oakgrove runs a rich and broad programme of extra-curricular activities which include:

  • A large number of clubs run after school or at lunchtime each day of the week
  • Sports clubs and fixtures, which are particularly popular, as is the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme
  • Trips and educational visits that take place during the school day and on evenings, weekends and in the school holidays
  • During the summer term we hold Curriculum Enrichment Days
  • There are numerous ‘Student Voice’ opportunities for students to get involved in, for example - Peer Mentors and Learning Ambassadors
Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was set up in 1956 and provides young people aged 14-24 the opportunity to complete different activities, including learning new skills and developing physical abilities. It also allows young people to participate in expeditions with friends and learn vital survival skills. The four sections that are completed in the Award are:

1. Physical
2. Skill
3. Volunteering
4. Expedition

This is a prestigious award scheme for your son/daughter to partake in, as they work towards gaining experience including leadership, problem solving, life and team skills as well as confidence building – all of which are transferable to their school, and eventually work and life. It is a highly respected achievement and is looked upon favourably by future employers.

Announcements and Dates

Year 9


Wednesday 24 March 2021 - Deadline for enrolment and non-refundable deposit of £25

September/October 2021 - Training and expeditions  

Year 10

Bronze - Information

Bronze - Updates

Friday 28 May 2021 - Deadline for completing two sections and payment of £147

12/13 June 2021 - Expedition training day and walk

26/27 June 2021 – Qualifying expedition

Year 11


Important Documents

Bronze Enrolment Form

Bronze Launch Information

Wayahead Kit List

Physical Section Ideas

Skill Section Ideas

Volunteering Section Ideas

Duke of Edinburgh Award FAQ's

1. What kit is needed?

It is advised that you bring clothing that is suitable for all weathers, as British weather is a bit unpredictable. In the ‘Important Documents’ section you can find a comprehensive list of what is needed for an expedition

2. Once enrolment is completed can you change your mind and get a refund?

Unfortunately not, as this money will have been used to purchase your enrolment pack.

3. What activities can be completed in the three sections (volunteering, skill, physical)?

There is a wide variety. In the ‘Important Documents’ section you will find a comprehensive list that the DofE approve of.

4. How long does it take to complete the different sections for Bronze?

Volunteering, physical and skill are three months for each and then an additional three months in one of these areas.

For further information, please email Miss Kynaston at: ekynaston@oakgrove.school


Period 8 (P8) is the lunchtime or after school extra-curricular activities that are on offer for students to attend.  There is an extensive choice of activities.  In the past we have had everything from Self Defence, Trampolining, Chess Club and Rounders to Cheerleading, Debate Club and even Lunchtime Latin!

Students get involved in all years and key stages, even leading clubs themselves.  Period 8 is a great opportunity for students to develop into more rounded young adults, gaining experiences and qualities not found in the traditional classroom lessons.

P8, what are you going to do…..

P8 Extra Curricular Club Spring 2020

BBC Young Reporter

BBC Young Reporter

Year 7 Students, supported by Year 12 Media A-Level students, made the news for real when they took part in BBC Young Reporters 2019