Campaign Against Period Poverty

24 May 2014

Two special visitors were at the Oakgrove to learn about what the school is achieving in its campaign against period poverty.

In the almost two years since Oakgrove launched the ShrimPy card, students have been able to access free period products outside of school hours at various local retail outlets. During school hours stocks of mini product packs, which are supplied by the Department for Education, are also available to students at various Oakgrove locations, such as in Reception, Student Services, Pastoral, Sixth Form, Medical and in some of the toilets.

To mark the upcoming Menstrual Hygiene Day the school put questions relating to periods inside the gumball machine and, if children answered correctly or gave a good guess, they were rewarded with a ShrimPy Card flag or keyring and a pack of sweets.

Staff have been extremely impressed that every year they see less embarrassment and a more diverse group of students participating.