House System

House System at Oakgrove

The Oakgrove School House system was set up in September 2015. The aims were clear, to build cohesions between year groups and create a friendly, yet competitive element to school life, which enables students to access areas which are not part of the everyday curriculum. Since its introduction, subject competitions, inter-house sports, Curriculum Enhancement Week, Sports Day and many other activities have been run in house groups.

All Houses have their own local charity, which instils the importance of community cohesion and gives students the opportunity to plan and publicise fundraising events together as a team. Through a democratic process all Houses have chosen their own House Charities and Fundraising Committees have been set up to lead events across the school year.

The Houses have representatives on the School Council, who have the opportunity to discuss changes they would like to see in the wider school community. The School Council encourages healthy debate amongst students, as well as demonstrating the importance of democracy.