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Students are issued with individual examination timetables as soon as possible in the lead up to examinations. They are issued with a paper and an electronic copy. It is extremely important that candidates refer to their own individual timetables for the venue and for the start and end time for each of their examinations.

The summer term’s main exam season is from 11th May to 24th June 2020. Candidates need to be available for the entire examination period - even if individual timetables suggest an earlier finish. This is due to the inclusion of a contingency day for GCSE and/or GCE examinations, in case there is national or local disruption during the June 2020 examination series (as outlined in exam board guidelines).

Please contact the Exams Office if you have any questions relating to examinations: exams@oakgrove.school

Joint Council Qualifications Examination Guidelines

Please click on the links below for the Joint Council for Qualifications examination guidelines for candidates:

Information for candidates – coursework 2019-2020

Information for candidates – non-examination assessments 2019-2020

Information for candidates – on-screen tests 2019-2020

Information for candidates – privacy notice 2019-2020

Information for candidates – social media

Information for candidates – written exams 2019-2020

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