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2018 Admission Arrangements

The Governing Body would like to thank all those who responded to the consultation.  The 2018 admission arrangements for Oakgrove School were adopted by the Governing Body on 23rd February 2017.  For further details please click here

Year 7 September 2017

If you named Oakgrove School as one of your preferences and were unsuccessful, you have a right to appeal against the decision to an independent appeal panel. Please click here for further details.


In the event of a school closure due to hazardous weather conditions, we will email parents to inform them of this decision.

We will do our utmost to ensure that the School remains open and will only take a decision to close the School if there is deemed to be a risk to the welfare of students and staff.

Please monitor the school website for updates. Students will be able to complete a variety of work using Google Classroom, our VLE and exam board websites.

If you do not usually receive email communications from the school, please contact us to supply us with a valid email address.

Paddington goes back to Peru

Leaving from Heathrow


I have to confess that I, Paddington Bear, have some mixed feelings about my impending return to Peru. Mrs Cooke and Mr Robinson seem like nice people, but it is going to be very hard leaving my family behind for three weeks. I do hope the Browns will get on alright without me.

Most of all, I hope Mrs Cooke and Mr Robinson have packed enough marmalade for me, it would be frightful to have to survive in Peru without a nice jar of marmalade to start the day.

Still taking on new challenges is important, I suppose and I will try so hard to get it right. Things are very different already. When I arrived at Paddington Station, I had stowed away on boat. This time, I am flying back on a giant aeroplane. I hope they have marmalade in First Class… In fact, I hope Mrs Cooke and Mr Robinson have made sure to upgrade me. If not, I will be delivering one of my special ‘hard stares’.


Arriving in Lima


Paddington Bear here in Lima, which is the capital of Peru. I have to say, my adventure did not get off to the start I was hoping for. My hopes of marmalade in First Class were dashed and despite my best efforts and a series of ‘hard stares’ I was packed off into economy with the rest of the Oakgrove expedition. Worse still, I had to suffer the indignity of being stuffed inside an overhead locker. Still, it was dark and quiet and I soon dozed off.

When I awoke I found myself in a huge city called Lima. Marmalade is in short supply at the moment (more hard stares for Mrs Cooke and Mr Robinson) but the birthday cake on the beach just about made up for it.


A long Coach Journey


What a long journey, 22 hours on a coach, nearly a whole day! The funny thing is, I really wouldn’t have minded the journey itself. The views of the Andes Mountains were spectacular, I had made myself comfortable on the window sill and – for the first time this trip – Mrs Cooke and Mr Robinson had rustled up some marmalade for me.

I was just starting to think that I had got it right, when some of the humans started making an awful fuss. The bus took us up to 4,500 metres, which is much higher than the highest mountains we have in Britain. This, combined with the constant motion, had a very deleterious effect on some of our company, I am not sure they appreciated my hard stares, but one must suffer with a stiff upper lip, or maw, in my case.

I do hope that the Browns are getting on without me. It is strange that I feel homesick in the country I came from, but my home is in London, with Mr and Mrs Brown and Jonathon and Judy. Adventures like this are all very well, but I think that I would much prefer to be eating marmalade at the kitchen table. Still, I suppose I have to try to get this right and maybe if I stay cheery, I will start to really enjoy myself.

Information for Teacher Training

SCITT advert primary and secondaryhi-res email size

Take a look at our website at www.tommyflowersscitt.co.uk for some comprehensive information. Follow us on Twitter: @TFlowersSCITT

The SCITT is a natural addition to the teacher training already offered by the partnership. We work with all secondary schools in Milton Keynes and many primary schools in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.  We have well established links with a range of providers and are very pleased to be working with the University of Leicester who provide validation for this qualification. In addition to providing QTS certification, The Tommy Flowers SCITT MK offers a PGCE Masters level qualification.


Wearable Technology

Oakgrove School has taken the decision to ban wearable technology e.g. Apple watches.
These items can be used as communication devices just like a mobile phone and go against our policy of having mobile phones off during the school day.
They are also incredibly expensive and we would not want to see a student lose or damage an item such as this while at school.

If you are intending on buying such a device please be aware that students will not be allowed to wear them at school.
If a student is found to have wearable technology then this will be treated in the same manner as using a mobile phone.

KS3 Assessment

For further information regarding the changes to KS3 Assessment please click on the links below:

KS3 Assessment Overview

KS3 Courses Content and Tiers Booklet

Welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the website for Oakgrove School, an academy at the heart of learning, proudly serving the communities of south-east Milton Keynes. Oakgrove has now been open for over ten years and our reputation as a caring academy, setting very high academic standards in a traditional, disciplined and exceptionally well resourced environment is well known.

I am fortunate enough to be leading an outstanding school, with gifted and hardworking staff. Parents and Carers can look forward to their son or daughter being taught by some of the most well qualified teachers in any school, and supported by associate staff that make every effort for students to enjoy their time at Oakgrove, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, during after-school clubs or one of the many trips offered.

Oakgrove’s focus is always on high quality teaching and learning. Students are set individual targets that are regularly reviewed and we set teaching groups according to ability. The delivery of our curriculum in all the Key Stages allows students to develop transferable skills, intellectual understanding and a passion for learning that will enable them to succeed in public examinations, and also enables our students to become lifelong learners, who will excel in the workplace and beyond.

I hope this website provides you with the information you need and gives an insight into this wonderful school.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Tett


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