LawFest Raises Awareness of Legal Careers Pathways

12 October 2022

Students from 11 MK schools attended Oakgrove School to hear heard first-hand from experts in Law about the many varied career opportunities available in the legal profession.

LawFest, which was hosted jointly by Oakgrove and the University of Buckingham, aimed to empower students from all backgrounds to realise their potential and to consider the different pathways to realise their ambitions in the Law industry.

Delighted at the number of organisations who gave up their time to share their expertise with the students, Head of Oakgrove School’s Sixth Form, Jon Adamson said:

“Practicing lawyers from a number of high-profile and prestigious law firms and legal services departments generously shared their life journeys and experiences of working in the profession. They outlined the many educational and vocational paths that can be followed in occupations that included becoming a solicitor, legal executive and paralegal.

“Students were extremely engaged and their well-thought through questions demonstrated their enthusiasm for a career in Law.”