Newsround Report on Starship Technologies’ Robots

23 May 2019

CBBC’s Newsround were intrigued to hear what Oakgrove Primary School pupils had to say about Starship Technologies’ robots, when a TV crew visited MK to observe how the robots deliver grocery shopping in the local area.

The news team ordered a food shop to be delivered to the school and filmed one of the small autonomous delivery robots on its journey from Monkston to Oakgrove Primary. Once it arrived, the pupils opened up the robot with the use of a mobile phone app and were delighted to find an order of fruit inside.

The pupils shared their opinions with Newsround on whether or not they think that the robots are a good idea. Their views will be broadcast in a news bulletin over the coming weeks, so that other children in the UK, who do not have this service in their towns and cities, can appreciate the abilities of this pioneering technology.

“Starship Technologies’ robots are a regular sight for our children and their families and many of them have used the service,” Oakgrove Primary and Nursery School’s Headteacher, Mark Sim, said.

“The pupils were able to inform Newsround that, although they recognise it is healthier to walk to the shops, people want convenience and many elderly, immobile and poorly residents in the area find the service invaluable. They also understand that the deliveries help reduce pollution, with less vehicles on the road if shoppers choose to use the robots, instead of making short car journeys for only a few groceries.

“This is the second time that the children have had the opportunity to encounter the robots in school. At a recent presentation by Starship Technologies, pupils were able to ask lots of questions about how the technology enables the robotics company to partner with local businesses to deliver food.”