Over £600 raised for Nadiya charity

16 March 2023

Every year, a percentage of ticket sales, proceeds from refreshments and kind contributions at Oakgrove School’s annual production support a chosen charity. At this year’s Macbeth play, over £600 was raised, with the recipient charity ‘Nadiya’ benefiting.

Nadiya is a humanitarian service, which is very close to the hearts of both staff and students at Oakgrove and is the brain child of a previous student, Anna, her sponsor Derek Edwards and an extraordinary team of volunteers.

Anna joined Oakgrove in September 2022, after fleeing her hometown of Stryi in Ukraine with her mother; leaving her father and older brother behind. Anna was introduced to MK local Derek Edwards who had travelled to the Poland/Ukraine border of Korczowa-Krakovets to volunteer.

Alongside studying for her A-Levels, Anna worked tirelessly with Derek and their team to set up Nadiya, a registered charity (No.1200609) who are fighting to support the thousands of civilians still fleeing Ukraine. As a result of their hard work, the charity and its outreach has grown exponentially; appearing on Sky News, The BBC’s Ukrainecast and featured in The Guardian.

More information on the charity can be found on the Homes for Ukraine website.