Highest Progress and Attainment Scores in Oakgrove’s History

06 October 2022

Staff and students celebrated the highest Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores in Oakgrove School’s history, following the release of provisional figures by the Department for Education today.

Oakgrove’s Progress 8 score of 0.51 is a significant increase since 2019 and is considerably above the national average. The score shows that Oakgrove students are making excellent progress from Key Stage 2, through to their GCSE’s at the end of Key Stage 4. The school’s Attainment 8 score is 59.11, resulting in amazing outcomes for students subsequent to their GCSEs. This score will likely increase further with examination remarks still to be included.

“The data announced today, not only confirms that the school has succeeded in achieving its highest scores ever, but by a considerable margin too, Headteacher Ian Tett enthused.

“The Progress 8 and Achievement 8 scores are a well-deserved acknowledgement of the dedication and hard work of our students and staff. It is a tribute also to the unwavering on-going support from Oakgrove’s parents and carers.”

The Department for Education performance tables are released later this month. Oakgrove is looking forward to benchmarking their results compared to other schools.