Oakgrove Students Encouraged to Care for the Nation

5 April 2019

Pathologists, radiologists and pharmacists were just some of the professionals who visited Oakgrove School to talk to students about the huge variety of occupational roles on offer, if they choose to pursue a rewarding and challenging career with one of the biggest employers in the world, the NHS.

Staff from Milton Keynes University Hospital, including the CEO, Professor Joe Harrison, kindly gave up their time to explain the numerous careers, opportunities and routes into employment within the NHS, some of which the students had not considered before.

Appreciative that the NHS professionals spent an afternoon explaining the diverse options open to students, Oakgrove School Headteacher Ian Tett said:

“We have a very successful careers programme at Oakgrove and every student completes a career action plan, which is shared with parents. Many of our students indicated this year that they would like a career in the NHS or in medicine, so they were invited to an event to meet with NHS learning and development staff and a whole host of other specialists, such as research and development nurses and therapists. It was fantastic that so many hospital staff from a variety of professionals attended the school.

“Many of Oakgrove’s former students have gone on to have successful careers after taking NHS related pathways, which have included nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and cardiology, to name but a few.”

Delighted with the number of interested students who were keen on a career in the NHS, Sue Coombs, Learning & Development Business Manager, said:

“What super enthusiastic students Oakgrove School has. The group were a pleasure to engage with and asked lots of well thought through questions. Milton Keynes University Hospital offers work experience opportunities to students aged 16-18 years old and apprenticeships for all ages.”